Hey There!

I’m Dan (short for Danish), a Third Year Computer Engineering (with Software Specialization) student at the University of Alberta. I am a product-oriented developer and I love working towards things I would use and care about. Also, I am into stuff that helps me hack productivity, finance and anything that makes my life easier and hence that’s something I try to work towards. Currently, I’m on a study term which ends in December 2018 and would be available for a 4|8 month co-op term in January 2019.

Where I have worked:

  • Green Brick Labs, Full Stack Developer Co-op, April 2018 - August 2018, Kitchener, ON

What I’ve been up to:

Stuff I’m making:


  • dandua.com This website is something I only started working on recently and would continue to work on until I get it right.

The last five books I read:


On a side note: I don’t get to read a lot with school. Would love some book recommendations at danish@dandua.com though